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Firefox Addon: Create TinyURL

Alright here is another Firefox Addon that I simply cannot live without from day to day. It has recently been fixed so that right-clicking on links and copying the TinyURL to the clipboard works as it should.

There isn’t a whole lot written about this little gem of an addon, but essentially what it does is integrates the usefulness of visiting to convert overly long URLs into “tiny” ones. Thus it automates the whole process and reduces the steps down to a simple right mouse click.

Get it here.

Firefox addon: Fetch Text URL

Here’s another addon that I simply cannot live without: Fetch Text URL.

Here is what the author has to say about this simply elegent little addon:

Fetch Text URL – Firefox Extensions
“Sometimes there are webpages with URLs that aren’t in “clickable” link form, especially in forums or text documents like the episode capsules at Thus, if you want to open it in Firefox or Mozilla, you have to highlight it, copy it, maybe open a new tab or select the location toolbar, and then paste the link. Using keyboard shortcuts in Windows, this involves ctrl-c, ctrl-t or ctrl-l, ctrl-v, and enter. If you’re lazy like me, then the Fetch Text URL extension allows you to simply highlight the text URL and open it from the context menu by right clicking.”

I used another Firefox addon “Copy URL +” to paste that last quote citation. ;-)

I highly encourage donations to the authors of these wonderfully trustworthy little addons.


Firefox addon: Session Manager

I think I’ve found a better way to both keep track of my favorite Firefox addons while also keeping some content flowing through my blog… I’ll dedicate one post to each addon and tag the post in such a way that my list of favorite Firefox addons will never be further away than a simple click on the tag they all share in common.

So with that here is another Firefox addon I’ve known about but not always had installed. However, for the simple ease of the undo feature when I accidentally close a tab, or for those online classes and web sites that I want to have my session persist, I definitely view this Firefox addon as another one I want keep around.

Session Manager

by Morac, zeniko

More previews…

Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows – either
when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes.
Additionally it offers you to reopen (accidentally) closed windows and
tabs. If you’re afraid of losing data while browsing – this extension
allows you to relax…

This extension replaces SessionSaver and Tab Mix Plus’ session manager.
It stores more data than both of them and should be more reliable in
saving and restoring. Although it is not recommended to have more than
one session related extension installed, Session Manager is compatible
at least with Tab Mix Plus.

Works with:

Firefox 2.0 – 3.0a3 ALL

Install now (71 KB)

released on Feb 13, 2007.