Firefox addon: Fetch Text URL

Here’s another addon that I simply cannot live without: Fetch Text URL.

Here is what the author has to say about this simply elegent little addon:

Fetch Text URL – Firefox Extensions
“Sometimes there are webpages with URLs that aren’t in “clickable” link form, especially in forums or text documents like the episode capsules at Thus, if you want to open it in Firefox or Mozilla, you have to highlight it, copy it, maybe open a new tab or select the location toolbar, and then paste the link. Using keyboard shortcuts in Windows, this involves ctrl-c, ctrl-t or ctrl-l, ctrl-v, and enter. If you’re lazy like me, then the Fetch Text URL extension allows you to simply highlight the text URL and open it from the context menu by right clicking.”

I used another Firefox addon “Copy URL +” to paste that last quote citation. ;-)

I highly encourage donations to the authors of these wonderfully trustworthy little addons.


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